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The Center for Advanced Hindsight™ is Dan Ariely’s behavioral economics lab at Duke University, an affiliate of the Social Science Research Institute. We are interested in …

how and why people make a wide range of decisions, and how certain forces influence our thoughts and behavior. Our research focuses on the faulty assumptions of rational decision making, and strives to unveil how people make decisions in the real world – all kinds of decisions, from what inspires us to work those extra hours, to how much we are willing to spend on black pearls, to what we choose to eat for lunch. Most of our research falls into three decision-making buckets: health, finance, and morality.

The central goal of the Center for Advanced Hindsight (CAH)™ is to develop insights into a diverse set of problems through the lens of behavioral economics. We achieve this through academic and applied research, working with governments, nonprofits, startups, companies and organizations. What don’t we do? Good question.

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We partner with a range of organizations including startups, customer focused financial institutions, and mission-driven companies who want to increase financial well-being or health outcomes. The Startup Lab™ and Common Cents Lab™ are two ways that we work with partners.
Startup Lab | Common Cents: Behavioral Lab for Financial Well Being

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We create tools and resources that help practitioners and non-academics apply behavioral learnings.
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Common Cents is a financial well-being lab supported by MetLife Foundation. We use behavioral insights to design and test solutions that aim to increase the financial well-being for low- to moderate- income people living in the United States.

The Startup Lab aims to smartly accelerate the development of early stage companies in the health and finance fields through integrating behavioral economics research and experimentation methods into their business models.