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Increasing Health Savings by Using Anchors

The World Health Organization estimated that over 150,000 Kenyan children died from preventable causes in 2011 alone. One reason is that people simply cannot afford to get treatment for themselves or their children, particularly…

World, Saving For Healthcare   /   JANUARY 24 2019

Make plans, not resolutions

This post originally appeared on the Pattern Health blog. By Aline Holzwarth Your new year’s resolution is very likely to fail. Most do. Resolutions are just not built to succeed. They rely on willpower, hoping…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Health, Motivation   /   DECEMBER 31 2018

Why This New Year’s Will Be Different: How Behavioral Science Can Help You Keep Your Resolution

A version of this post originally appeared on the Envolve Blog. The holiday season is a beloved time across America when we fill our houses with family, friends and laughter, and fill our bellies…

Health, Health Management, Eating, Exercise   /   DECEMBER 20 2018