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Does Thinking About Your Spouse Change Your Financial Behavior?

By Wendy De La Rosa and Tuo Yang Take a moment and think about the most important financial decisions you make in your life: buying a house, investing for retirement, or saving for your kids’…

Common Cents Lab, Improve Cash Flow Management, Increase Short- and Long-term Savings   /   OCTOBER 17 2018

Applying Behavioral Science to Improve Retention Among Financial Coaching Programs

Whether it’s our morning routines or how we relax, a lot of how we behave from one day to the next is out of habit and we don’t give it a lot of thought….

Common Cents Lab   /   APRIL 10 2018

Asking Pays off – Save Money with Just One Phone Call

Credit card debt is at an all-time high. More than a third of households in the US carrying more than $16,000 in credit debt, with an average APR of 19.49%. If these households paid…

Common Cents Lab, Manage Debt   /   MARCH 19 2018