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Can I Buy You a Cup of Coffee?

At a coffee shop in Bluffton, South Carolina, people have been spontaneously paying for future customers’ drinks on a fairly consistent basis. Sometimes, those who are not even looking to buy coffee for themselves…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   FEBRUARY 24 2012

Easing the Pain This Holiday Season

The image (and jingle) of the bells of Salvation Army volunteers is almost as synonymous with the holiday season as Santa Claus himself. However, the New York Times reported last month that a change may…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   DECEMBER 1 2011

The Behavioral Economics of Eating Animals

Throughout my life, I have loved eating meat, but my two best friends at Duke are vegetarians, and because of them I was persuaded to read Eating Animals by one of my favorite contemporary authors,…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   MAY 27 2011