Common Cents Lab

Design Prototypes

We apply behavioral insights on financial well-being to design, build and test technology solutions and then partner with existing players to power distribution.

Here’s what we’re working on right now…

Happy Money

How can we avoid spending that causes regret?

Most of the times we think about budgeting, we think about cutting expenses. While sometimes this is good, other times we want to double down on spending if it makes us happier.[1] The question we should be asking is how can we spend in such a way that optimizes our happiness vs. makes us feel regret and shame.

Big question. To start tackling it, we’ve designed a survey that will help us determine how we can have more Happy Money purchases. The eventual goal is to deeply understand what makes us happy and help people do more of this and less of the other stuff.

We’re partnering with Qapital to design and launch this research tool that will ultimately be designed to increase our happy money. 

Emergency Spending

How can we increase the likelihood that people keep a cushion in case of an emergency?

Many rules of thumb teach that we should carry 3 months of income as an emergency cushion. This is an incredible amount of money to the majority of Americans who don’t live with slack.

What is the best way to present these emergency savings goals, such that they are actually achievable and people feel confident starting? How can we encourage people to keep the money in their savings account, despite fighting high expense and income volatility?

We’re partnering with Digit to understand emergency savings and make it easier for people to carry one that’s right for them. 

Financial Hacks

What are the tips and tricks that people like you employ to improve your financial situation?

We’re building a platform that hosts a repository of tips, tricks and life hacks that help us master our money.

By getting the home remedies for financial troubles we will not only empower others to try something new, but also gain insights on how financial services need to evolve.

Digital Financial Advisor

How do we close the intention-action gap when it comes to savings?

  • How do we design in pre-commitment and accountability to increase follow through?
  • What are the right savings goals to encourage optimal participation.
  • How do we change someone’s mindset into being a ‘saver’?

We’re partnering with RetireHQ to design and test the optimal way to implement and scale digital coaching.

Teaching Money to Kids

How do we help kids get the skills they need to be financially successful later?

By helping kids build self control, grit and work ethic, we believe we can empower children to make better financial decisions in their future.

We’re  partnering with TabTale to design a game that will help kids contribute to the family, while also teaching them about financial decision making.