Common Cents Lab

Partner with Financial Institutions

We partner with financial organizations and non profits to test behavior based interventions

Each year, we work intensively with several innovative credit unions, banks, or other financial service providers.

Together, we identify a significant behavior challenge for the partner, such as contributing to an emergency savings account, opening an IRA, or reducing default rates for personal loans.

Then we work to design a real-world solution, rigorously test its impact, and provide recommendations for scaling.

Current Partners

  • Duke Credit Union – We are working with them to increase savings account for low to middle income Americans.
  • Latino Community Credit Union – We are working with LCCU to increase engagement between members and the Credit Union.

Applications are open to work with us. Are you an innovative credit union or bank? We’ll work with you to design ways to increase your customers’ financial health and wealth.

We are accepting 3 more partnerships for 2016. The deadline for applications is January 15th.

Attend information webinar  | Apply here