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We learned that while a third of the class is from the US, the rest is spread across 195 countries (so, we’ve basically taken over the world). Over 175,000 people signed up, with almost 90,000 actually logging into class and ~75,000 watching some videos. Of that, ~30,000 did at least one quiz, ~6,000 participated in the discussion fora, and another ~6,000 completed the writing assignment (although we’re not sure what the overlap is here).

Most of the class (91%) has had at least some college education, and although ages range from the teens to the nineties, most fall within the range of ~20-40 years old. Our students claimed to not be very religious, lean “left” politically, and are predominantly Caucasian. However, don’t let these generalizations obscure the fact that this class is not comprised of merely one kind of person; the amount of diversity in this class was astounding.

For more information about the composition of the class, keep reading!

Top 50 cities the class was from:

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Singapore
  4. Tel Aviv-Yafo
  5. Moscow
  6. Bangalore
  7. Kiev
  8. Sydney
  9. Toronto
  10. Madrid
  11. Athens
  12. Sao Paulo
  13. Bucharest
  14. Melbourne
  15. Hong Kong
  16. San Francisco
  17. Los Angeles
  18. Chicago
  19. Prague
  20. New Delhi
  21. Mumbai
  22. Mexico City
  23. Washington
  24. Sofia
  25. Bogota
  26. Barcelona
  27. Seattle
  28. Zagreb
  29. Berlin
  30. Paris
  31. Munich
  32. Istanbul
  33. Durham
  34. Houston
  35. Vienna
  36. Lisbon
  37. Rio de Janeiro
  38. Vilnius
  39. Amsterdam
  40. San Jose
  41. Budapest
  42. Saint Petersburg
  43. Buenos Aires
  44. San Diego
  45. Philadelphia
  46. Dublin
  47. Stockholm
  48. Minneapolis
  49. Chennai
  50. Warsaw

education yearly-income age

Class Participation One of our students (Clint Pitts) created these helpful infographics: 1) On the usefulness of each of the concepts of the class, and 2) on various measures of class participation and completion.

infographic-1 infographic-2

Another student (Andrea Husak) created a survey to see what her classmates might be willing to pay for this class if they had the chance.

q1_coursera q2_coursera1