Smart Phone and Tablet Apps

With our smart phone and tablet apps, we hope to take behavioral economics research to the next level. Never before have researchers had such a natural window into everyday human decision making–no questionnaires, no labs, just real world feedback. The aim of our apps is to give people the right tools to make the right decisions.

In turn, we can use the data from these apps to gain new insights into decision making and make even better applications and conduct better research in the future. See below for what we currently have in store, and stay tuned for many more exciting apps in the pipeline.

(Sample) Size Matters

mzl.jckfyvmn.320x480-75 Social science has uncovered many fascinating aspects of human behavior, from how we think as individuals to how we act in groups. We know that humans are loss averse, emotional, habit-forming creatures. We mispredict the future and misremember the past. And yet, what social science is missing is a better understanding of how these phenomena (and others) change over time, in different cultures and regions, across gender and age.

mzl.xqkfkrnh.320x480-75 By collecting a heaping amount of data (and increasing the size of our samples), we hope to unravel nuances in behavioral variations; we hope to detect the impact of minor differences that simply wouldn’t appear in smaller samples. The pursuit of this app is to collect an abundance of data from an abundance of locations all over the world, shining light on behavioral similarities and differences, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. To do this, we need your help! Join our team of smartphone scientists and take on small tasks that will be “pushed” to you through the app.

On some occasions, you’ll be asked to give your opinion about various topics; you may be asked to predict the outcome of an experiment or to record your thoughts on anything from wealth distribution to peer influence. On other occasions, you’ll be sent out into the world to collect data; you may be asked to interact with a stranger or observe a scene and record certain details. Prepare to be surprised and delighted by the exciting research you will be a part of.

Get it here for iPhone and iPad and here for Android devices.

Citia’s Predictably Irrational

mzl.dalturbe.320x480-75 Citia makes books easier to read — and more delightful. This app extracts Predictable Irrational’s best ideas, serves up each on its own digital card, and lets you read in any order you like. These “idea cards” live in a 3D interface that lets you discover and explore new concepts. Share each one with anyone you like, any way you like.

mzl.tawtusjl.320x480-75 Citia apps are built for high-velocity reading and high-quality comprehension — they’re tuned for modern media consumers. If your reading habits move faster than your books, you’ll love Citia.

Entertaining and surprising, Dan Ariely’s New York Times’ bestseller unmasks the subtle but powerful tricks our minds play on us. From drinking coffee to losing weight, from buying a car to choosing a romantic partner, we consistently overpay, underestimate, and procrastinate. These misguided behaviors are neither random nor senseless. They’re systematic and predictable — making us predictably irrational. Get it here for iPhone and iPad.


Conscience+ helps you reason through moral dilemmas by providing you with little “shoulder angels” that can help you argue either side of a decision. Simply flip the switch at the top of the app to move between good conscience and bad conscience. Whether you need the extra push to go through with a selfish deed or words of wisdom to resist a bad temptation, Conscience+ has you covered.

Get help with:

  1. turning away the dessert menu
  2. splurging on a new electronic gadget
  3. staying faithful to your romantic partner
  4. padding your expense report on your boss’s dime
  5. lying on your college application
  6. and much, much more!

Get Conscience+ free from the App Store here or from Google Play here.

Random Words of Kindness: At a boy!

A few months ago, I had the idea to create an iPhone app that would give me (us) compliments. It turns out that as humans, not only are we sensitive to rude remarks from strangers, but we are also very excited when we get kind words, even if they are just random; they just make us feel much better, even if these strangers don’t know us very well.

At a boy! is a completely free app, and you can find it here.

HOW TO USE: when you open the app you get a compliment and if you want a new one simply tap the screen. To get a new compliment, simply tap the screen. I do want to encourage you to use the thumbs up/down to let me know which compliments make you feel the best — this way we will be able to figure out what kinds of compliments work better and worse.

Most important, users of At a boy! can submit their own compliments for other users to read: just tap the pen icon and type one in.

Here, for example, is a compliment that a French-speaking user of our app submitted (if you can please submit compliments also in English):

Doesn’t that make you feel good to read? We’ve had a few dozen great compliments already submitted, and we could always use more!

By the way, did I tell you that you look very nice today and that you are very clever?