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The Startup Lab is a CAH initiative to support health and finance startups in leveraging behavioral economics through the application of existing findings from the field as well as original research. The academic incubator aims to expose startups to behavioral economics, support the integration of insights from social science, and facilitate collaborative projects with CAH lab members to answer startup-specific research questions. Learn more

The Startup Lab aims to smartly accelerate the development of early stage companies in the health and finance fields through integrating behavioral economics principles and experimentation methods into their business models and products.

Startups participating in our 3-9 month program will learn to leverage academic research to test, build, and scale their products and understand their users’ decision-making processes so as to design products that powerfully impact the way their consumers form habits, make decisions, and interact with digital tools.

Current Startups

MoneyComb is a free and simple way to spend better. Based on user personality and spending habits, MoneyComb crafts a custom spend allocation optimized for enjoyment and financial health. Beyond a clear picture of where to spend, MoneyComb empowers users to spend who they are with real-time tracking, timely motivations, insights and suggestions.

The Fabulous is a holistic health and wellness app that helps people to form and keep healthier habits. It is a research-based app, using behavioral economics principles to help users incorporate healthy routines into their lives.

Meet our Mentors

Director of User Experience

Epic Games

Information Architect

Duke OIT Web Services

Professor of Business Administration (Marketing Unit)

Harvard Business School



Lead Mobile Developer




Professor of Marketing

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine

Duke University

Professor of Philosophy and the Practice of Strategy

Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Narrative Advisor

Product Manager (emeritus)

Google Inbox & Google Calendar


McKinsey & Company

Associate Professor of Psychology


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