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Matt Hudson

Lead Mobile Developer


Matt has been a developer since he was 12 years old. He started with Turbo Pascal, moved into web development, and eventually started mobile app development in 2011. He’s been working with startups for several years, launching a trivia game in 2011 and VoteRockIt in 2014. He’s worked on apps like Charles Schwab iOS, Sam’s Club iPad, and Anedot. He’s also a mentor of the Ark Challenge, which has launched several successful startups including Wyzerr and Overwatch. He’s built software in C#, PHP, Objective C, Ruby, Java, and many others. He’s been featured on MSNBC for his political app platform VoteRockIt, and also at Facebook F8 as well as Parse Developer Day. He’s a developer advocate and wants to help teams find the right tools and ideas to grow their startups.