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Aner Tal

Aner Tal was born on a hot and balmy day in 1979 and has been trying to figure out how people work ever since. A native of Israel, Aner completed his BA in Economics and Accounting (1998), his Master’s in Business Administration / Marketing (2001), and for good measure his Master’s in Philosophy (2010) at Tel-Aviv University. He obtained his PhD in Behavioral Economics / Consumer Behavior from Duke University (2009), and subsequently completed his post-doc at Cornell (2013). These days Aner continues as a researcher at Cornell University, specializing in consumption experience, judgmental biases and behavior change, with a specific expertise in food and eating behavior. He has appeared in hundreds of media outlets in relation to his research and provides consulting services in marketing. In his spare time he dabbles in improvisation and partner acrobatics, and will one day be a good cook.