Pocket Ariely takes Dan Ariely’s lifelong work in behavioral economics and puts it at the tip of your fingers… literally. This app seeks to provide valuable content in different formats (video, text, games) across many disciplines of interest such as: Finance, Health, Productivity, and even Romance!

The goal is to educate and entertain people from all walks of life to make better decisions in life while letting out a giggle here and there. Download the app today and start catching up with the best content in Behavioral Economics out there!

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Conscience+ is here to help you through life’s most perplexing moral dilemmas. Based on the latest insights about human decision making, Conscience+ gives you the excuses you need to justify doing what you want to do – whether it is something good you aspire to, OR something more shady and less moral. Think of Conscience+ as providing both an angel and devil, sitting on your shoulder and available for advice at the flip of a switch.


At a boy! is always there for you with a fresh compliment to lift your spirits! Rate the compliments you like (and the ones you don’t) so that At a boy! displays only the messages that make you feel great! All compliments in At a boy! are generated by other At a boy! users. If you want to submit your own compliment, simply tap the pen button at the top of the app and submit your own, knowing that thousands of At a boy! users out there will have a better day! Enjoy!


Ever wonder whether to split a check on a date, how to say “no” to a request, what to buy for a perfect gift, or why people cheat? Discover answers to these conundrums and go on short, medium, or long reading adventures (designed specifically for bathroom breaks of different lengths). Track your progress and save your favorite dilemmas. Earn achievements and learn how to apply social science to everyday challenges!


Over the years I have learned over and over (and over) that my sense of humor doesn’t transfer very well over email. More generally, emotions don’t communicate well with this quick, cryptic, written medium. In addition to adding a communication depth and warmth, sometimes voice is just more efficient and useful. We created VAIL to address these challenges and to help people who have difficulty typing. Please note that Vail works only with Apple Mail.