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Blindsight & Neuroscience of Marketing with Matt Johnson and Prince Ghuman

Matt Johnson is a professor, researcher, and writer specializing in the application of neuroscience and psychology to the business world and Prince Ghuman is an experienced marketer with great experience of applying neuroscience to marketing and business strategy. Together they’ve written the book Blindsight: The (Mostly) Hidden Ways Marketing Reshapes Our Brain.

In this episode, we have a fun conversation with Matt and Prince about what the heck “Blindsight” is and what it has to do with decision-making, we dive into the ethics around using behavioral science for good (and for less obviously good “marketing” purposes) and how we can solve the thorny problem of tech addiction.

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The song used is Murgatroyd by David Pizzaro.

*This episode was recorded in Q1 of 2021

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