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The Ultimate Behavioral Science Playlist: Bias

By Aline Holzwarth Illustrations by Matt Trower There’s no contesting it: Humans are a biased bunch. As the Cognitive Codex from Better Humans illustrates so overwhelmingly, there are myriad ways in which we systematically…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   MAY 27 2020

Introducing the Ultimate Behavioral Science Playlist

By Aline Holzwarth Illustrations by Matt Trower Music can be therapeutic, and powerfully so. The late neurologist, naturalist and historian of science Oliver Sacks noted in his book Musicophilia a “deep and mysterious paradox,…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   MAY 22 2020

Breaking the Status Quo: Women who changed Science

(Image Credit: As March comes to close, we feel like it is appropriate to look back at Women’s History Month by celebrating influential women in the social sciences. It started in 1978 as…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Health   /   MARCH 30 2020