Advanced Hindsight Principal Aline Holzwarth Joins The Behavioral Design Podcast


We are excited to announce that Aline Holzwarth will be joining the Behavioral Design podcast as a co-host! Aline will be joining Samuel Salzer, a behavioral strategist and habit expert who has hosted the podcast since it was launched in September of 2020. In addition, the Center is excited to support the podcast as a co-sponsor along with Habit Weekly. The podcast will be released every other Wednesday,

You can find past episodes of the podcast on Spotify and Apple Music.

About The Behavioral Design Podcast
How can we change behavior in practice? Listen in as hosts Samuel Salzer and Aline Holzwarth speak with leading experts on all things behavioral science, design and beyond. The Behavioral Design Podcast from Habit Weekly and the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University provides a fun and engaging way to learn about applied behavioral science and how to design for behavior change in practice.

About Habit Weekly
Habit Weekly is the leading source of insights and content on behavioral design with a community of behavioral practitioners and enthusiasts from all around the world. Visit for access to free resources and to join for the popular newsletter.

About Aline Holzwarth
Aline is an applied behavioral scientist, specializing in digital health research and scientifically informed product design. She is Head of Behavioral Science at Pattern Health and Principal at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University.

About Samuel Salzer
Samuel is a behavioral strategist and habit expert, specializing  in applying insights from behavioral science and behavioral economics to build user-centered and habit-forming products and services. Among other things, he’s one of the world’s first Chief Behavioral Officers in tech, and has co-authored “Nudging in practice – Helping organizations make it easy to do the right thing.”