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2019 Hindsight Awards

First Annual Hindsight Awards:  The Best in Behavioral Science  Announcing the first annual Hindsight Awards, a retrospective review of favorites in behavioral science from the perspective of researchers at the Center for Advanced Hindsight….

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   JANUARY 28 2020

Can Behavioral Tech Help Save the Healthcare Crisis?

Discussions about health insurance reform have recently occupied brilliant minds around the world. Last month, Ting Jiang, Principal of the global team, gave a talk about the role of behavioral technology in health insurance…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, World, Saving For Healthcare, Saving for Emergencies   /   MARCH 5 2019

Making a doctor’s appointment should be easy. (It isn’t.)

This post originally appeared on the Pattern Health blog. By Aline Holzwarth I recently had a friction-filled experience when I tried to make an appointment for a routine physical exam. It’s been a while since…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Health, Health Management   /   MARCH 5 2019