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How Behavioral Science Can Promote Hand-washing Behavior

With urban migration on the rise, cities are not only facing an increased influx of people, but they also have to find solutions to many of its consequences: lack of infrastructure, housing shortage and…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, World   /   OCTOBER 10 2018

Be a Good Friend, Channel Your Inner-Child

As a parent and a therapist, I hear a LOT about people’s social lives and close relationships. People (adults and kids) talk about their peer relationships much more than anything else, because our lives…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   SEPTEMBER 12 2018

Best-Laid Plans of Potential Donors: Bridging the Intention-Behavior Gap

If we were to reflect on how much we donated in the past, some of us would admit that we could have given more.  At the same time we might claim that we intended…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, World, Motivation   /   JUNE 29 2018