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Introducing the Behavioral Mapping Case Study & Cheat Sheet

We are excited to share the first ever comprehensive resource on Behavioral Mapping, which has been created in collaboration with Samuel Salzer at Habit Weekly. Maps are an exceptional way to visualize information that…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   JUNE 1 2021

2020 Hindsight Awards

Second Annual Hindsight Awards:  The Best in Behavioral Science  Last year we announced the first annual Hindsight Awards, a retrospective review of favorites in behavioral science from the perspective of researchers at the Center…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   JANUARY 26 2021

ICMM Announced a Major Grant given to PBS/NOVA Lab and the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University

Originally appeared on PRWeb Today, the Institute of Consumer Money Management (ICMM) announced grants totaling $1 million to Duke’s Center for Advanced Hindsight (CAH) and the PBS science series NOVA, a production of GBH…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   JANUARY 14 2021