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Best-Laid Plans of Potential Donors: Bridging the Intention-Behavior Gap

If we were to reflect on how much we donated in the past, some of us would admit that we could have given more.  At the same time we might claim that we intended…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, World, Motivation   /   JUNE 29 2018

A New Year’s Resolution for You: Exercise for Pleasure and Enjoyment

Many people try improving their health, wealth, and happiness around the New Year. Fewer than 10%, however, feel successful in achieving their resolutions. More than 25% of people do not maintain their resolutions for…

Health, Health Management, Exercise, Motivation, Self-Control   /   DECEMBER 29 2017

"Stick to It! – Can rituals help you exercise more?"

So what did we find? Takeaway 1: Rituals help you exercise more, but they don’t necessarily help you enjoy it more. Takeaway 2: Rituals had stronger effects on the Fabulous App than on the…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Health, Exercise, Motivation   /   APRIL 18 2016