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Twitter-vention: What Behavioral Science Says About Impulse Tweeting

Are you too impulsive for your own good? Do you frequently find yourself angrily tweeting at 2am, posting things you later regret enough to erase? You may want to log out of Twitter and…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Technology, Self-Control   /   MARCH 9 2018

A New Year’s Resolution for You: Exercise for Pleasure and Enjoyment

Many people try improving their health, wealth, and happiness around the New Year. Fewer than 10%, however, feel successful in achieving their resolutions. More than 25% of people do not maintain their resolutions for…

Health, Health Management, Exercise, Motivation, Self-Control   /   DECEMBER 29 2017

A Behavioral Scientist’s Tips For Not Gaining Weight or Over-Eating This Holiday Season

With the holiday season quickly approaching, food is the centerpiece of most social gatherings. We love our holiday feasts, but this causes an annual pattern of extended binge eating that, for most Americans, is…

Health, Health Management, Eating, Self-Control   /   NOVEMBER 16 2017