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Five Tips for Keeping Your Savings Resolution in 2021

  Many people use the turning of the calendar as a chance to begin anew and make specific lifestyle improvements. This has probably never been truer than for those ready to leave 2020 behind….

Common Cents Lab, Increase Short- and Long-term Savings   /   JANUARY 15 2021

Common Cents Lab Global Team Is Calling for Letters of Intent From China

Researchers who are interested will partner with financial services providers to pilot and test behaviorally-informed solutions to improve financial wellbeing of their clientele. This field-based research will be complemented with analysis of existing administrative data to evaluate solutions…

Common Cents Lab   /   DECEMBER 9 2020

Introducing Common Cents Lab Global

Introduction Throughout this year (2020), the Common Cents Lab has been working on the expansion of our applied behavioral research approach to improve the financial health of low- to moderate- income (LMI) households in…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Common Cents Lab   /   OCTOBER 16 2020