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Does Thinking About Your Spouse Change Your Financial Behavior?

By Wendy De La Rosa and Tuo Yang Take a moment and think about the most important financial decisions you make in your life: buying a house, investing for retirement, or saving for your kids’…

Common Cents Lab, Improve Cash Flow Management, Increase Short- and Long-term Savings   /   OCTOBER 17 2018

Common Cents Report: Hacking Human Behavior to Improve Financial Health

57 projects and experiments involving over 1.7 million people demonstrate how behavioral science is already improving financial health for half a million low-to-moderate income individuals. San Francisco, Calif. and Durham, NC – March 1,…

Common Cents Lab, Improve Cash Flow Management, Decrease Expenses, Manage Debt, Increase Short- and Long-term Savings, Increase Earnings   /   FEBRUARY 28 2018

Looking for an impact idea for next year’s tax season? We got you covered.

By Stephanie Tepper and Emory Nelms Over the last few years, the Common Cents Lab has designed and run multiple experiments that infuse the best practices for VITA programs with insights from behavioral science….

Common Cents Lab, Money, Increase Short- and Long-term Savings   /   DECEMBER 6 2017