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Ulysses Lab: Too Good to Be True?

Did we fool you? Yesterday we announced the launch of an exciting new initiative, the Ulysses Lab. Endorsed and advised by many of the top behavioral science experts around the world, it promised to…

Funny Ha Ha   /   APRIL 2 2018

6 Ways to Charm Your Partner with Behavioral Science This Valentine’s Day

  Who said behavioral scientists aren’t charming and romantic? Here are some behavioral principles we’ve translated into V-day tips to spice up your love life – use them at your own risk. 1. Misattribution…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Funny Ha Ha   /   FEBRUARY 14 2018

The New Big Data

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you’ve likely noticed the astronomical rise of “Big Data.” The idea that working with large data sets can lead to valuable insights…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Funny Ha Ha   /   APRIL 1 2017