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Helping Remote Employees Towards a Healthier Lifestyle Some Insights from MTurkers

By Nina Bartmann, Jonathan Corbin, Ziyi Yan Image by Paico Oficial from Unsplash Remote work is here to stay In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, around March 2020, most companies across the U.S….

Health, Health Management, Exercise   /   AUGUST 5 2021

Breaking the Status Quo: Women who changed Science

(Image Credit: As March comes to close, we feel like it is appropriate to look back at Women’s History Month by celebrating influential women in the social sciences. It started in 1978 as…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Health   /   MARCH 30 2020

Behavioral Science Workshop: Working with Centene to Improve Patient Care

Medical professionals live busy lives, so when the folks at Centene decided to come to a behavioral science workshop for two days, we wanted to make sure the visit was well worth the effort….

Health   /   FEBRUARY 6 2020