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Lessons on Designing Scalable Financial Coaching

Background Financial interventions for consumers and employees rely heavily on financial education, but financial education has demonstrated virtually no impact on behavior change, accounting for only 0.3% of the variance in financial behaviors. While…

Money, Budget Management   /   NOVEMBER 11 2021

“On-Demand” Work Woes

By Wendy De La Rosa, Kristen Berman and Dan Ariely – Common Cents Lab, Duke University As the middle class shrinks and real wages have been steadily decreasing, the economic lives of low- and middle-income…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Common Cents Lab, Budget Management   /   JUNE 8 2016

Saving By Spending

This week, I visited a camera store to order two enlarged prints as a gift.  I don’t order photo prints very often; in fact, I’m not sure that I have ever ordered prints aside…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Money, Budget Management   /   MAY 31 2012