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The Ideal Startup Teams for The CAH Startup Lab

The CAH is inviting health and finance startups to join the Startup Lab program (October ’17-June ’18). Applications are only open until June 30th at 5pm EST–  Apply now.   Wondering if your startup team…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Startup Lab   /   JUNE 26 2017

Helping People Save with Privacy and Transparency

As a choice architect, how would you encourage salient saving and discourage conspicuous consumption? See what Dan and Aline have to say in their paper on the choice architecture of privacy decision-making, hot off…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Financial Decision-making Aided by Technology   /   JUNE 26 2017

Exploration & Experimentation for Entrepreneurship

This is the fourth installment in a five-part series on the CAH’s Startup Lab, our academic incubator program for health and finance tech startups. We’re demystifying why and how a behavioral economics research center…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Startup Lab   /   JUNE 22 2017