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Twitter-vention: What Behavioral Science Says About Impulse Tweeting

Are you too impulsive for your own good? Do you frequently find yourself angrily tweeting at 2am, posting things you later regret enough to erase? You may want to log out of Twitter and…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Technology, Self-Control   /   MARCH 9 2018

7 Pieces Highlighting the Potential Intersections of Machine Learning, AI, and Robotics with Behavioral Economics

The intersections of behavioral economics and increasingly popular fields and disciplines in technology, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics, are still in their relative infancy. These seven articles, papers, and videos present…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Technology   /   NOVEMBER 3 2017

Retiremap Launches First Platform Combining Human Coaching and Robo-Advisory to Improve Financial Wellness

Top plan advisory firm Channel Financial commits to new one-to-one financial coaching platform designed with behavioral insights from Common Cents Lab San Ramon, Calif. – June 8, 2017 – Research-backed employee financial wellness company…

Common Cents Lab, Technology, Financial Decision-making Aided by Technology   /   JULY 8 2017