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Can We Create a Healthier, Wealthier Africa with Behavioural Science?

Together with Joep Lange Institute, and the Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute (AHTI), the Global team hosted a workshop titled “A healthier, wealthier Africa: Behavioural science, digital innovation, and beyond” on August 8th, at…

World, Saving For Healthcare, Saving for Emergencies   /   SEPTEMBER 28 2018

Are Photographs Always Necessary to Elicit Charitable Donations?

When you think of charitable appeals, what do you think of? Given the abundance of charitable giving materials, you probably have an image in your mind. Charitable appeals (like this) often use photographs of…

World, Saving For Healthcare   /   APRIL 17 2018

Predicting Game: Global Health Part 4

How can we increase health savings? The answer may surprise you. It’s time for the final installment of the global health predicting game. Last month, we asked you to predict which of three SMS…

World, Saving For Healthcare   /   MARCH 23 2018