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How Behavioral Science Can Promote Hand-washing Behavior

With urban migration on the rise, cities are not only facing an increased influx of people, but they also have to find solutions to many of its consequences: lack of infrastructure, housing shortage and…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, World   /   OCTOBER 10 2018

Can We Create a Healthier, Wealthier Africa with Behavioural Science?

Together with Joep Lange Institute, and the Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute (AHTI), the Global team hosted a workshop titled “A healthier, wealthier Africa: Behavioural science, digital innovation, and beyond” on August 8th, at…

World, Saving For Healthcare, Saving for Emergencies   /   SEPTEMBER 28 2018

All You Need Is a Little Encouragement from Your Friends

This post originally appeared on the Pattern Health blog. My phone buzzes with a text. “Who’s running?” asks my friend Ankoor. 🏃‍♀️ replies Eileen; she’s in. I perform a slow mental wince at the…

Health, Health Management   /   SEPTEMBER 12 2018