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Black History Month Spotlight: Robert Lee Williams II

Today, the Center for Advanced Hindsight continues our celebration of Black History Month by highlighting another African American scholar whose work has been foundational in psychology and behavioral science: Dr. Robert Lee Williams II….

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   FEBRUARY 11 2022

Black History Month Spotlight: Herman George Canady

We cannot fully understand U.S History without knowing Black History. African Americans have contributed and continue to contribute to U.S. society in valuable ways. Unfortunately, these contributions have been widely unrecognized. In response, February…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   FEBRUARY 4 2022

Lessons on Designing Scalable Financial Coaching

Background Financial interventions for consumers and employees rely heavily on financial education, but financial education has demonstrated virtually no impact on behavior change, accounting for only 0.3% of the variance in financial behaviors. While…

Money, Budget Management   /   NOVEMBER 11 2021