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The Mbrella Calendar: Helping Kenyan Families Track Their Savings for Health Insurance

Mbrella is a charitable organization devoted to helping impoverished Kenyan families buy health insurance. Mbrella connects donors with Kenyan mothers and over time, employs a number of behavioral interventions meant to help the mother…

World, Saving For Healthcare, Saving for Emergencies   /   NOVEMBER 12 2019

Unlocking a Healthy Lifestyle: Purpose in Life as a Key

(Image credit: Vicky Tran) Imagine something that makes you excited to get out of bed and start your day. It guides your everyday behaviors and gives your life a sense of meaning and security….

Health   /   OCTOBER 29 2019

World Team Travels the World

Nina doing a presentation for our partner on workplace health For most jobs, meetings are a very familiar ritual. You walk in the meeting room, sit down, open your laptop and try to concentrate…

World   /   SEPTEMBER 3 2019