Supporting Problem-Solvers through the Startup Lab

This is the first installment in a five-part series on the CAH’s Startup Lab, our academic incubator program for health and finance tech startups. We’re demystifying why and how a behavioral economics research center at Duke supports and collaborates with entrepreneurs.

We’re looking for startups that are eager to experiment, and demonstrate a passion for building research-backed solutions to health and finance challenges. Startup Lab applications are only open until June 30th at 5pm EST.

Apply here before it’s too late.

The Center for Advanced Hindsight & Entrepreneurship

The Center for Advanced Hindsight studies how and why people make irrational and suboptimal decisions. We’re always learning about human judgment and decision-making through our experiments—but we’re not exclusively interested in churning out academic papers.

We apply the findings of behavioral economics (BE) research to real world problems and the organizations that are engaged in solving them. The CAH’s research interests lie most decidedly in the fields of health and finance. But researchers also venture into areas of morality and judgment, dishonesty and ethics, and motivation around political and social behavior.

Problem-Solvers | Startup lab Our applied work comes in different forms (though these forms are intimately connected and used together):

1. Running lab and field experiments

2. Implementing behavioral interventions

Often within the established processes of health and financial institutions.

3. Increasing BE access and application through sub-labs

CAH initiatives that actively connect external organizations with academic research by forming collaborative relationships to apply BE and experimentation methods in the real world.

Common Cents Lab

Focuses on fintech and brick and mortar financial institutions that serve low-income populations

Startup Lab

Serves tech startups in the health or finance space


The CAH Needs Partners

To have an impact, we need partners.

The Startup Lab at the CAH is one way we initiate partnerships to create healthier decision-making environments that produce behavior change. The program supports problem-solvers tackling pressing issues in the health and finance fields.

Behavioral economics research is a natural informant to any entrepreneurial process or innovative solution dealing with humans. The CAH vision and ongoing efforts are to:

  1. Inject behavioral economics concepts and experimental practices into the process of creating new solutions
  2. Support the people and organizations on the frontlines of solving problems through behavior change.

Remember, we need partners—entities that collaborate with us to build behavioral economics research into real world solutions. So we’re looking for focused and fun-loving entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about exploring and leveraging research for products more congruent with human behavior.

The Startup Lab supports problem-solvers by making behavioral economics findings accessible and applicable.

Are you insatiably curious about what drives decisions, shapes motivation, and influences behavior? Does your startup’s success hinge on the ability to affect positive behavior change that helps people live happier, healthier, and wealthier lives?

Apply for the October 2017-June 2018 Startup Lab program by June 30th at 5pm EST.  

Apply Now.

 PS: To learn more, visit our FAQs (includes information on the Startup Lab investment structure and other logistics) or connect with us at