The Triangle Health Innovation Challenge 2017

By Rachael Meleney


Triangle Health Innovation Challenge


The Triangle Health Innovation Challenge completed their 2017 event this past weekend at Duke University, organized by the Duke School of Medicine Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activity Group, and the Carolina Health Entrepreneurship Initiative. Over the course of 48 hours, THInC mobilized teams around specific healthcare “pain points”, and challenged them to create solutions.

The winning pitch came from OptiML—over the course of the THInC weekend, the team created an app and iPhone add-on designed to diagnose glaucoma. Congratulations to the THInC team for a successful weekend, and to the event’s top solution, OptiML!

The Center for Advanced Hindsight is a proud sponsor of THInC, as a premier health innovation hackathon in our community that brings together students and practitioners to spark ideas for high-impact healthcare solutions. We support collaboration across diverse minds, departments, and professions– the next great solutions for societal good won’t come from any one place. THInC does a wonderful job of breaking down barriers to collaboration and providing a forum for collective problem solving.

Those passionate about creating solutions that enhance people’s lives are deserving of our support. It is an important part of the CAH’s mission to help design a future that improves human decision-making to make people happier, healthier, and wealthier.