Common Cents Lab Annual Reports

2020 Common Cents Lab Annual Report

On our list of common misfortunes to plan for, here’s one we likely wouldn’t have thought of before 2020: global pandemic. Yet it has upended the lives of millions of people—sending them back to square one in any number of arenas, but certainly including financial wellbeing.

2019 Common Cents Lab Annual Report

The average family in the United States is playing a financial game in which the odds are decidedly stacked in favor of the house. The house we are referring to is, of course, not just in Vegas. It’s in every shopping mall, car dealership, internet browser, smart phone, Instagram account, restaurant, court room, and retail store in every community across the country.

2018 Common Cents Lab Annual Report

Now that Common Cents Lab has concluded its third year, we are officially past the startup (or lift-off) phase and are, so to speak, ready to add fuel. This doesn’t mean that the journey has been without turbulence. Designing products and processes to transform the financial lives of people with low incomes isn’t simple, even with all we’ve learned to date.

2017 Common Cents Lab Annual Report

With the second full year of Common Cents Lab in the books (in this book, to be more precise), there is much progress to acknowledge. While Common Cents Lab is a research entity, its work does so much more than create interesting research. It creates easier, more intuitive ways for people to save – which is something that most people say they want to do, but find difficult.

2016 Common Cents Lab Annual Report

In the current state of the world, Americans are not financially secure. In a study we conducted with close to 1,000 LMI participants, 36% self-reported having less than $500 in savings (including retirement savings). Most people in the study did not feel financially secure, yet they had a strong desire to become financially secure.