Behavioral Diagnosis

“If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d
spend 55 minutes thinking about the
problem and 5 minutes thinking about
solutions.” -Albert Einstein

The primary component of our process is the behavioral diagnosis. We do a broad audit to understand
the system. We then conduct rapid prototyping to identify the main drivers of behavior.


A behavioral diagnosis is a 3 step process. To complete the 3 steps, we observe users in the environment/process in which
we plan to test. This is done by documenting each step of the process that the user experiences and further understanding
the psychological mechanisms of the behaviors through observations, surveys, and interviews.

indetification of a key behavior
Identify the Key Behavior

Get uncomfortably specific about the behavior that you
want your employees or customers to take, as well as
define the metric for measuring progress on that behavior.

completing the key behavior
Remove Barriers

Identify possible barriers for completing the key behavior
and choose a barrier that can decrease the most friction.

Identify potential benefits that you could add or amplify existing benefits to so they are more powerful
Amplify Benefits

Identify potential benefits that you could add or amplify
existing benefits to so they are more powerful. Select a
benefit that is most likely to motivate your user to carry
out the key behavior.


met life foundation

MetLife Foundation believes that everyone should have access to the right financial
toolds and services to build a better tomorrow. The Foundations mission of
financial inclusion focuses on increasing low-income families’ readiness,
willingness and ability to engage with the financial sector, in advancing the delivery
of high-quality financial products and services, and in investing in research and
learning with the view of benefiting those who need it most.

center for advanced hindsight common cents lab

Common Cents leverages research and insights gleaned from behavioral
science to create interventions that lead to positive financial behaviors and
improved outcomes for low- to moderate-income households in the United

StatesWe have two offices: Durham, NC and San Francisco, CA.