This email series delivers one concept, one study a day to your inbox. This is intended for product designers, managers or engineers  who are building services or products that help people in positive ways. We cover studies on incentives, pricing, friction, value proposition and many more.


Hacking Human Nature for Good (Daily Bits, Irrational Labs)

COURSE BY: Irrational Labs
FORMAT: Email and Facebook Messenger
TIME COMMITMENT: 5 minutes a day for 22 days
PRICE: Free!
GREAT FOR: People who create and build products and services that change behavior for good. If you are a product manager, designer or marketer, you are also a choice architect. 

“When we understand human behavior, we can build and sell products that change lives.”

By understanding human behavior, you can help your users/customers and humans, in general, make better decisions.

In 22 short, fun and information-packed lessons you will get a brief introduction to interesting research findings from the field behavioral economics.  You’ll also get examples on how to best apply these findings to your product or service.

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