As an academic institution, we are committed to sharing our knowledge about human thought, behavior, and decision-making with the world at large. Our teaching efforts are widespread, but we have created a few introductory online courses available to the world at large:

Hacking Human Nature for Good (Daily Bits, Irrational Labs)

COURSE BY: Irrational Labs
FORMAT: Email and Facebook Messenger
TIME COMMITMENT: 5 minutes a day for 22 days
PRICE: Free!
GREAT FOR: People who create and build products and services that change behavior for good. If you are a product manager, designer or marketer, you are also a choice architect. 

Master Class on Changing Customer Behavior (Udemy, +Acumen, Startup Lab)

COURSE BY: +Acumen and the Startup Lab
FORMAT: Video and Workbooks
PRICE: $45
GREAT FOR: Aspiring or active social entrepreneurs looking to design smarter products and services to achieve social impact. Anyone who wants to learn how to apply practical insights from behavioral economics and psychology to real-life businesses.

A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behavior (Coursera)

COURSE BY: Dan Ariely and the Center for Advanced Hindsight
FORMAT: Video lectures, reading, quizzes, assignments, discussion fora
PRICE: Free!
GREAT FOR: Anyone with at least one irrational partner or friend

Though the class is not currently running, former students are still active on this facebook group: