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Startup Lab is an academic incubator committed to applying behavioral insights to startups with ambitions to
change the way that people live out healthy lifestyles and financial wellbeing.

applying behavioral insights
Matched Mentor

Continuous advisor: Pair up, keep up and push for their

Play professor for a day | behavioral science
Cohort Contributors

One-time instructor: Play professor for a day and provide
follow-up guidance.

On-call Experts

On-demand supporter: Come to the rescue for specific
startup struggles.

While CAH provides startups with the resources to explore and implement behavioral research, the success of our startups is largely supported by people who leverage their time and expertise in the context of close and continued mentorship relationships. CAH seeks to cultivate an environment for our startups that exposes them to bright business minds as a valuable supplement to the Center’s expertise.

If your interests and values overlap with our mission, partner with us to support startups that care deeply about positive behavior change in the fields of health and finance. You can jump in at any time! Meet our teams at mentor matchups during the program’s annual fall kickoff or connect with our current cohort today. Contact Startup Lab’s program coordinator to start the conversation on how you can plug in.


A Matched Mentor connects with our cohort in a mutual matching process. Meet with your startup(s) 2-3 times monthly for the first segment (Oct-Dec) of the program, and regularly for the duration of their time at the CAH (through the following June). Build a close and coveted relationship with your startups as you watch and influence their growth.


Cohort Contributors are added to the Startup Lab calendar to address our cohort as a whole on a topic of your interest and field of expertise. After your lecture, workshop, or casual group lunch, you remain available for startups to contact for follow-up guidance.


On-call Experts are the last-minute lifesavers; available for startups to contact when they come across a challenge that falls into your area of expertise. You’ll be added to our esteemed list of experts, kept on hand on an as-needed basis.


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