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Is it Time for Your New Year’s ‘Absolution’?

…lifeboats. We had such good intentions, such important goals, such high hopes for the “future us.” We made these resolutions because we wanted to be better and believed (at least…

Health, Health Management, Eating, Exercise   /   FEBRUARY 9 2018

Leveraging Behavioral Economics for Better Startup Solutions

…with natural human behavior. But there is far more work to be done! The Center for Advanced Hindsight believes that the findings of behavioral economics should be used to serve…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Startup Lab   /   JUNE 28 2017

A New Year’s Resolution for You: Exercise for Pleasure and Enjoyment

…than exercising for better overall health or for weight loss, try to exercise for something that is more immediately rewarding for you. Think about exercise as an opportunity to take…

Health, Health Management, Exercise, Motivation, Self-Control   /   DECEMBER 29 2017

Common Cents Names New Class to Advance Financial Health Using Behavioral Science

…latest class in a three-year effort to improve the financial well-being of 1.8 million LMI households in America. Common Cents’ goal is to gain scalable behavioral insights for new features…

Common Cents Lab   /   FEBRUARY 28 2018

Centene Partners With Washington University In St. Louis And Duke University To Launch The Envolve Center For Health Behavior Change

…Moving beyond providing information to using proven, behavior-based techniques, the Envolve Center will be positioned to contribute to the healthcare research knowledge base, influence positive health outcomes and reduce the…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Health, Health Management, Medical Decision-Making   /   JANUARY 21 2016

Common Cents Lab Announces New Partners for 2017

…“In our first year, we showed how behavioral interventions can influence positive, measurable improvements in financial well-being,” said Common Cents founder, Behavioral Economics Professor, and New York Times bestselling author…

Common Cents Lab   /   MARCH 14 2017


Helping Families Save for College

…finished and several more under way, read up on what we’ve found and how we think behavioral science can be used to help low-income families save for college. Children’s Savings…

Common Cents Lab, Money, Increase Short- and Long-term Savings   /   SEPTEMBER 25 2017