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Banana peels and pizza crusts: City pilot program turns food scraps into compost
  • Jul 7 2022
  • Published in: The 9th Street Journal
  • Keywords: Government, Sustainability

A city food waste collection program in the Walltown neighborhood has redirected…

Welcome to the hidden-cost economy, where sneaky fees are lurking everywhere
  • Jun 19 2022
  • Published in: Fortune Magazine
  • Keywords: Common Cents Lab

It’s a matter of psychology: Research finds that because we’ve already invested…


Providing Safe Space for Honest Mistakes in the Public Sector Is the Most Important Predictor for Work Engagement after Strategic Clarity
  • Jun 9 2022
  • Published in: Sustainability
  • Keywords: Government, ...More, Sustainability

Multiple studies highlight the link between engagement at work and performance, influencing…

Transparency: A Tool to Build Election Trust
  • May 17 2022
  • Published in: Behavioral Economics
  • Keywords: Government, ...More

Americans’ trust in government is at one of the lowest points in…

Simple Requests Help Desk-Based Workers Stand Up More: A Meta-Analytic Summary
  • Apr 1 2022
  • Keywords: Health, Health Management, Exercise

In a series of eight studies, spanning laboratory and field experiments, we…

RideAmigos Launches AI-powered Personal Commute Assistant App
  • Mar 23 2022
  • Published in: Chief Data Officer Magazine
  • Keywords: Government, Transportation

By understanding each commuter's unique needs and preferences, the Pave Commute app…

How Behavioral Science Can Improve Digital Services: Exploring the Impact of an Innovative Accelerator Program on Social Enterprises in Latin America
  • Mar 23 2022
  • Published in: Next Billion
  • Keywords: Common Cents Lab, Increase Earnings

Why do we like and engage with certain content on social media?…

Does Real Age Feedback Really Motivate Us to Change our Lifestyle? Results from an Online Experiment
  • Jan 31 2022
  • Published in: Health Communication
  • Keywords: Health, Health Management

We set out to research the causal impact of Real Age feedback,…

Behavioral Interventions to Improve Home‑Based Office‑Workers’ Health
  • Jan 13 2022
  • Published in: Trends in Psychology
  • Keywords: Health, Health Management

Many organizations have traditionally supported their employees’ physical and mental health through…

Customizability in conversational agents and their impact on health engagement
  • Dec 26 2021
  • Published in: Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies
  • Keywords: Health, Health Management

Conversational agents (CAs) are effective tools for health behavior change, yet little…

Validity of the occupational sitting and physical activity questionnaire (OSPAQ) for home-based office workers during the COVID-19 global pandemic: A secondary analysis
  • Nov 1 2021
  • Published in: Applied Ergonomics
  • Keywords: Health, Health Management

High levels of occupational sitting is an emerging health concern. As working…


Tandas: su historia y éxito visto desde la ciencia
  • Oct 1 2021
  • Published in: Forbes Mexico
  • Keywords: Improve Cash Flow Management, Increase Short-and Long-Term Savings, Common Cents Lab

Hay más de 200 nombres para referirse a uno de los mecanismos…