We develop tools for people to become masters of their own behavior change.

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Do you need to make a decision that you have been putting off?
Are you struggling with a moral decision?

Do you want to help contribute to cutting edge behavioral research yourself and be a part of the study?

There is an App for that. Check out all the ways you can keep us in your pocket.

As an academic institution, we are committed to sharing our knowledge about human thought, behavior, and decision-making with the world at large. Our teaching efforts are widespread, but we have created three introductory online courses available to the world at large:

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Do you know all the behavioral biases and heuristics? Do you know the studies that they were founded on? Test yourself with the below flashcards that include over 50 behavioral heuristics.

Flashcard set 1: Download this set first. Learn, memorize and start applying to your business or your personal life!

Flashcard set 2: Download this set to test yourself and continue to improve your mastery.

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Over the years the Center for Advanced Hindsight has published many papers in top academic journals and popular media sites on topics ranging from money, health, dishonesty and dating.