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2016 Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making

…design product for these? (e..g, toilet paper at 5.9% more has to be less than $5 a month – what are more $$ impactful products to design for) Instead of…

Common Cents Lab   /   MAY 31 2016

Navigating the DNA Roadmap: Genetic Testing and Health Behavior Change

…genetic markers spark long-lasting changes in health behavior. Some researchers argue yes, that individuals switch their behaviors to account for the possibility of a diagnosis later in life. For example,…

Health, Health Management, Medical Decision-Making   /   JANUARY 5 2018

Could Retirement Savings Be a New Form of Political Protest?

Could Retirement Savings Be a New Form of Political Protest? A few weeks ago I received a text from an old college friend , asking for some interesting financial advice….

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Money   /   APRIL 20 2017

The Psychology of Riding it Out: Why People Don’t Prepare for Hurricanes

…delays. A quick behavioral audit might suggest that the form could easily benefit from adding a few defaults and milestones, and leveraging small area bias. Maybe a bot, like the…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology   /   OCTOBER 27 2017

Is Money an Effective Health Incentive?

…bad for picking up their children late. However, once a relatively low price for this behavior had been set, they understood that it wasn’t “that bad,” and maybe even saw…

Health, Medical Decision-Making   /   MAY 25 2018

Health & Finance Entrepreneurs, We’re Looking for You

behavioral economics research center at Duke supports and collaborates with entrepreneurs. We’re looking for startups that are eager to experiment, and demonstrate a passion for building research-backed solutions to health…

Startup Lab   /   JUNE 16 2017

Exercise Blog Series, Part 2: Feeling Depressed? Ask your doctor about exercise.

…different outcome because of the people who were put in that group were different to begin with. The people in the “pills” group took the same antidepressant for 16 weeks….

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Health, Health Management, Exercise   /   JUNE 8 2017

Managing the Month on Food Stamps

…decision points, the social norm suddenly becomes far more appealing. The time lag between applying and receiving the benefits can also be too much to bear for some eligible Americans….

Common Cents Lab, Improve Cash Flow Management   /   AUGUST 9 2016