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Meet our Mentors

Jenny Comiskey


McKinsey & Company

Jenny has 15 years of experience as a design and innovation leader, and 10 years of experience as a Director at IDEO. She has collaborated with large organizations and start-ups to create solutions that help people thrive. Jenny believes great experiences are driven by a clear focus on impact, coupled with unique insight into people’s needs, values, behaviors and motivations. Over her career Jenny has helped launch over 40 new offerings into the world, and partnered with organizations such as IHG, Walgreens, Kaiser Permanente, ATT, and Capital One to transform their organizations and industries.
She has operated in many capacities; as a strategist focused on setting the direction for a future experience, a program lead dedicated to guiding teams through development, and a portfolio director setting challenges, framing work, building design culture and setting the conditions for success.