Help us deliver on our mission to develop insights into a diverse set of research problems in the areas of health, wealth and the world


Want to be part of a cause that uses behavioral science to make people happier, healthier and wealthier, at home and abroad? You can further an extensive set of research projects to improve decision-making at large that provides change-makers with practical, actionable insights to help their constituents in real, impactful ways.

As a result of the work being done…

Kenyans are saving money

Better preparedness for health emergencies that otherwise devastate families and communities

People are adherent to medication

Heart failure patients are more adherent to their medications resulting in better recovery

More people eat better

Fast food diners are eating less fast food and more healthy nutrient rich foods

More people are exercising

The average “Joe” is exercising more, which helps improve health status

Food stamps last longer

Food stamp recipients are making their food stamps last longer

Taxpayers are saving more money

Instead of spending more people start saving for their short or long term goals


Whether you'd like to be a Hindsight Hero, Research Champion, Common Cents Crusader, Startup Lab Supporter, or Big Dreamer, there is a way to give to the Center for Advanced Hindsight that fulfills your philanthropic goals.

Hindsight Heroes

$100,000 annual membership
(limited to 15 spots)

Hindsight Heroes provide support to continue our efforts to produce primary research while also applying novel behavioral insights to organizations solving the world’s problems. With the help of our Hindsight Heroes, the bright minds of the Center for Advanced Hindsight can stay focused on what they do best – making people happier, healthier and wealthier through behavioral science, at home and abroad. The Center for Advanced Hindsight is comprised of researchers and experts in product design, user experience, economics, psychology, organizational behavior, nutrition, kinesiology, public health, public policy, advertising, business administration, and more. Hindsight Heroes help us fund the foundation of our work: A gift of $100,000 supports scholarships for research associates, post-doctoral candidates, and staff at the Center for Advanced Hindsight.

Research Champions

Starting at $150,000

With sustained funding, the Center for Advanced Hindsight will continue producing groundbreaking research that not only titillates the mind, but makes a substantial impact on the world. We want to work with you to map your philanthropic goals to the research that we’re doing. Research Champions directly support our research agenda by funding a project for six months in the area of their choice – whether it is in Health, Money, World, or something else altogether!

Common Cents Crusaders

Starting at $250,000
(beginning December 2018)

Common Cents is the Center for Advanced Hindsight’s financial decision-making lab, which creates and tests behavioral economics interventions to improve the financial well-being for low-to moderate-income people living in the United States. To fulfill this mission, Common Cents collaborates with socially-minded fintech companies, credit unions and nonprofits. These organizations use the insights gained from behavioral economics to drive positive changes within their processes and operations. Since its launch in 2016, the Common Cents Lab has helped 39 organizations tackle tough questions, such as: • How do we get people to save a larger portion of their tax refund? • How do we get 1099 workers to save for retirement? • How do we help people make their food stamps last longer? A gift of $250,000 supports the Common Cents Lab’s work with one organization that serves low- to moderate-income populations.

Startup Lab Supporters

Starting at $350,000

The Startup Lab is an academic incubator that supports entrepreneurs with tech solutions for health and financial decision-making by helping them build more effective products designed for humans. Through the Startup Lab, researchers at the Center for Advanced Hindsight teach entrepreneurs to integrate findings and experimentation methods from behavioral science in order to design products that positively impact the way their consumers form habits, make decisions, and interact with digital tools. The immersive program teaches startups to leverage academic research to build, test, and scale their products and understand their users’ decision-making processes. The Startup Lab provides new business ventures with access to existing social science research and the tools to conduct their own experiments to better understand their customers. With this behavioral science toolkit, Startup Lab alumni have a greater potential to develop products that powerfully impact the way their customers make decisions. A gift of $350,000 supports the Startup Lab’s work with one startup company.

Big Dreamers

Starting at $20 million

Imagine what we could do together to change the world. We want to work with people who have big aspirations to make the world happier, healthier and wealthier, at home and abroad. What are you passionate about? Let’s explore the impossible, and make it possible together.

Information for Future Donors

Where would you like your gift to go?

With sustained funding, the Center for Advanced Hindsight will continue producing groundbreaking research that not only titillates the mind but makes a substantial impact on the world.

Develop insights on an extensive set of research projects related to decision-making

Work with mission-aligned organizations to help people lead happier, healthier, and wealthier lives

Disseminate behavioral science findings to the greater public

What our donors are saying

Our experience with Dan Ariely and the Center for Advanced Hindsight has been exceptional. Through this relationship we get to learn more about all the cutting edge research they are doing to understand human and organizational behavior. And as a result help create solutions to improve, among many things, the financial and physical health of people, and the effectiveness of organizations delivering results. We also feel good that our support is being used for the betterment of our society.

Robert and Ramy Sharp