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Our findings and research on financial well-being

Want to learn how to design an emergency savings account? Curious about building up trust with your customers? These whitepapers combine academic insights with applied suggestions. Our hope is to give you and your organization a research-backed point of view on increasing financial health and wellness for low to middle income customers.

These papers are authored by Irrational Labs, Duke Center for Advanced HindSight and Common Cents. Support comes from MetLife Foundation.

Financial services and behavioral economics: The field guide

Developing or designing a financial product? Learn the psychological booby traps of financial decision-making. The field guide for financial decision making.

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Design for emergency savings

The science of savings: We present principles and examples of design that can increase our willingness and motivation to save for the short term.

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Couples and their money

What are the top pitfalls that couples encounter in their financial decision making process? This whitepaper reviews literature around how to improve joint decision making by designing savings accounts for couples.

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Financial reporting best practices

How should we report on financial results? This reviews best practices to tell people about their portfolio performance.

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Contract with your future self

Prior to investing, we should all have a contract with our future self. Here is one for you to use with clients if you’re an advisor or to use on yourself.

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Increasing trust with customers

Trust is the secret ingredient that makes your customers love you. How should financial institutions rebuild trust that has been lost?

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