Millennial Financial Regret Spending

47% of transactions had some level of regret

We asked 1000 Americans between the ages of 20 and 36-years old about what they regretted spending money on. 28,937 data points later, we have some answers. You can see below for our summary or play with the data yourself. Enjoy!

If you want to learn more about the purchases people regret, click the link below to download our data and play. All data is de-indented.

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Limit Impulse Purchases

Auto Pay Essentials

Spend on Enrichment and Others


Press Release

Common Cents Lab Unveils Millennial Financial Regret Spending Report First of its kind report seeks to measure whether spending can make you happy San Francisco, CA and Durham, NC — TBD, 2017 — Common Cents Lab, a financial research lab at Duke University supported by MetLife Foundation, today unveiled its first ever Millennial Regret Spending Report.


About Common Cents Lab

The Common Cents Lab, supported by MetLife Foundation, is a financial research lab at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University that creates and tests interventions to help low- to moderate-income households increase their financial well-being. Common Cents leverages research gleaned from behavioral economics to create interventions that lead to positive financial behaviors. The lab is led by famed Behavioral Economics Professor Dan Ariely and is comprised of researchers and experts in product design, economics, psychology, public policy, advertising, business administration, and more.

To fulfill its mission, Common Cents partners with organizations, including fintech companies, credit unions, banks, and nonprofits, that believe their work could be improved through insights gained from behavioral economics. To learn more about Common Cents Lab visit .


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Launched in 2012, Qapital is an easy-to-use, daily money management application that allows its users to organize their finances in a single place by connecting with their online accounts. It provides its users with an instant overview of their finances and empowers them to save on small things so that they can spend on things that matter the most. It offers features that are new to banking such as savings-oriented gamification linked to traditional products, including debit cards and saving accounts.


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