Kick-Off Workshop

“We all want explanations for why we
behave as we do and for the ways the world
around us functions.” -Dan Ariely

We like to begin each partnership with a kick-off workshop. This workshop brings in key stakeholders to
get everyone up to speed on the partnership and core behavioral science principles.


Research suggests that learning is maximized when it’s fun, interactive,
and hands-on.... like our workshops!

understanding of the behavioral sciences workshop
Shared Language

At the workshop, we first create a foundational
understanding of the behavioral sciences by using
narratives and storytelling to illustrate the research.

Solution Design - applying behavioral principles
Solution Design

Then, we practice identifying and applying behavioral
principles directly to the partner’s existing products and

egin applying behavioral principles
Research Plan

Participants get tools and ideas for how to begin applying
behavioral principles in their work and their lives, as the
partnership moves forward.


met life foundation

MetLife Foundation believes that everyone should have access to the right financial
toolds and services to build a better tomorrow. The Foundations mission of
financial inclusion focuses on increasing low-income families’ readiness,
willingness and ability to engage with the financial sector, in advancing the delivery
of high-quality financial products and services, and in investing in research and
learning with the view of benefiting those who need it most.

center for advanced hindsight common cents lab

Common Cents leverages research and insights gleaned from behavioral
science to create interventions that lead to positive financial behaviors and
improved outcomes for low- to moderate-income households in the United

StatesWe have two offices: Durham, NC and San Francisco, CA.