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A Behavioral Scientist’s Guide to Increasing Charitable Donations

This guide is a multi-part series exploring how we can use behavioral economics to maximize charitable contributions. Check out part two of the series in March! This series is created by Ciara Lutz and…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Morality   /   JANUARY 29 2018

How to Increase the Joy of Giving

Are you considering giving to a charity this holiday season? Before answering yes and getting your checkbook out, there is some research you should be aware of and tactics to consider! Charitable giving is…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Morality   /   DECEMBER 20 2017

Please Don’t Steal the Charmin

A Chinese tourist destination decided to experiment with offering free toilet paper, the Wall Street Journal reports. Rather than the usual procedure in China, where people bring their own toilet paper, in Qingdao they…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Morality   /   AUGUST 1 2012