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A how-to guide for setting better goals

This post originally appeared on the Pattern Health blog. By Aline Holzwarth We often hold vague notions about what we want to do for our health. You might say you want to exercise more,…

Health, Health Management, Eating, Exercise   /   OCTOBER 23 2018

The Psychology Behind Food Indulgences: How We Trick Ourselves into Thinking Overeating Is Fine and That We’ll Bounce Back

This post initially appeared on the Envolve Blog. Imagine the following scenario: You go out to eat at a very nice restaurant. You share a few appetizers with your friends, have a beer, and enjoy…

Health, Health Management, Eating   /   SEPTEMBER 12 2018

Easier Read Than Done: Knowledge Alone Isn’t Enough to Change Behavior

This post initially appeared on the Envolve Blog. How many fruits and vegetables should you eat every day for better health? Many public health food campaigns hinge on providing information to help people make better…

Health, Health Management, Eating   /   AUGUST 29 2018