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B.E. For Dogs: Affective Forecasting

B.E. for Dogs is a bi-weekly comic series that will examine concepts in behavioral economics from the perspective of our canine companions. Look out for new comics every other week! The series is created by Matt Trower, Catherine…

BE For Dogs   /   FEBRUARY 8 2018

A Behavioral Scientist’s Guide to Increasing Charitable Donations

This guide is a multi-part series exploring how we can use behavioral economics to maximize charitable contributions. Check out part two of the series in March! This series is created by Ciara Lutz and…

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Morality   /   JANUARY 29 2018

How to Better Communicate Health Risks and Improve Health Outcomes: Story-telling for More Impact

This post initially appeared on the Envolve PeopleCare blog. “If we don’t intervene, then you’ll die. If we do intervene, the risk of complications is very low.” St. Louis, MO (January 24, 2018) – We’re…

Health, Health Management, Medical Decision-Making   /   JANUARY 24 2018