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Using Social Norms to Increase Donations

Research conducted with: Ting Jiang, Judd B. Kessler, Greg Segal, Dan Ariely If you are like most people, there is a good chance your behavior is based on what you think others are doing….

Behavioral Economics & Psychology, Health, Health Management, Medical Decision-Making   /   MAY 1 2018

Stopping Disease Outbreaks in 4 Steps, Lessons from a Former Disease Detective

This post was written by Thomas Breuer, MD, MSc, and originally published on LinkedIn. Twenty years ago, the city of Alpine, Wyoming had an E.colioutbreak that made 61 people ill, sent 19 to the hospital, and left…

Health, Health Management, Medical Decision-Making   /   APRIL 20 2018

How to Effectively Engage with Climate Change Skeptics

That Earth Day (April 22) is rapidly approaching may make us painfully aware of the contentious divide in our country around the topic of climate change. Fortunately, some politicians are working together on bipartisan…

Event, World   /   APRIL 19 2018