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Reducing COVID-19 risks: From hand-washing to emergency savings

Most of us are feeling overwhelmed by how the world is changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In addition to upending our normal daily lives and putting those we care about at risk for…

Common Cents Lab, Money   /   MARCH 25 2020

The Role of Random in Addressing America’s Savings Problem

  America has a savings problem. The most recent U.S. Financial Health Pulse for 2019 found that 47% of people in America do not have enough savings to cover the recommended three months of…

Common Cents Lab   /   JANUARY 16 2020

Common Cents Lab Opens Applications for 2019 Financial Services Projects

Each year, the Common Cents Lab collaborates with chosen financial services providers to custom design, test, and launch new features and products that aim to increase financial well-being for 1.8 million low- to moderate-income…

Common Cents Lab   /   OCTOBER 29 2018